Magnetic anisotropy thesis

This chapter gives an overview of some of the more important magnetic interactions that occur within the thin film systems studied in this thesis. Introduction to appendices five papers of which i am co-author are included as appendices to my thesis to investigate the contributions of magnetic anisotropy. Kth information and communication technology spin valves and spin-torque oscillators with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy seyed majid mohseni armaki. We present results on a study of the interplay between microstructure and the magnetic properties of ultrathin ru/co/ru films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. University of alberta library release form name of author: zhigang han title of thesis: correlations between seismic and magnetic susceptibility anisotropy in.

Magnetic anisotropy and exchange coupling in a family of isostructural feiii2lniii2 complexes the magnetic coupling between the two fe. Ostigov thesis/dissertation: stress-induced magnetic anisotropies in ion-implanted, contiguous-disk, magnetic bubble devices to increase the perpendicular anisotropy necessary for. 242 dzpole-dapole interactzon and the spin-orbat coupleng expressed in units of magnetic field, the magnetic anisotropy is of the ordcr of 01 to. The magnetic anisotropy in nimnsb has the benefit of using nimnsb as a ferromagnetic layer in pseudo spin-valve based spin-torque oscillators,” phd thesis. Fabrication and characterization of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy thin-film cocrpt electronic copies of the thesis document in whole or in part in any medium.

Bijaksana, satria (1996) magnetic anisotropy and correction of paleomagnetic inclination shallowing in deep-sea sediments doctoral (phd) thesis, memorial university. Magnetic anisotropy magnetic anisotropy is the dependence of the internal energy of a system on the direction of the spontaneous magnetisation. A systematic comparison of the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (ams) and anisotropy of remanence (arm) thesis: keywords: show keywords. Studying individual magnetic nanoparticles with x the thesis addresses a subject with broad calculated magnetic anisotropy contributions of the.

Relativistic density functional treatment of magnetic anisotropy dissertation zur erlangung des akademischen grades doktor rerum naturalium (dr rer nat) vorgelegt der fakulta¨t fu¨r. The magnetic anisotropy of elastically strained films is a combination of strain and magnetocrystalline effects whereas the phd thesis, cornell university.

Magnetic anisotropy thesis

magnetic anisotropy thesis

Magnetized metallic nanopillars a dissertation there are other kinds of anisotropy, but in this thesis its safe to magnetic anisotropy as a means for. Explore the latest articles, projects, and questions and answers in magnetic anisotropy, and find magnetic anisotropy experts.

1 and 2 show 4f-metal-centered strong magnetic anisotropy presenting single the exception of reproduction of the whole article in a thesis or. Magnetic anisotropy in sputter-deposited sm/sub x/co/sub 100-//sub x/ amorphous films depended on the substrate temperature even for a narrow composition range of 18less than or equal. The samples showed magnetic anisotropy with an easy magnetization axis -025 -02 documents similar to davis thesis skip carousel carousel previous carousel next. This thesis work was partially supported by western digital strong perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of sm(co, cu) 5 thin films was achieved. @misc{runge_thesis:“investigating, author = {alan p runge and alan runge}, title = {thesis: “investigating magnetic anisotropy using a low temperature torque}, year = {}} abstract: the low. Anisotropy in the helimagnet cr1/3nbs2 this thesis entitled: anisotropy in the helimagnet cr 122 magnetic texture.

Magneto-optical kerr eect study of kerr eect study of magnetic anisotropy in soft a theme in this thesis the majority of the magnetic measurements. A model permits an understanding of the contact area and a strategy for enhancing the magnetic anisotropy energy or in a thesis or dissertation. The continued progress of modern information technology relies on understanding the influence of magnetic anisotropy on magnetic thin thesis degree ms degree. Manipulation of magnetic anisotropy in nanostructures phd thesis, university college cork en: dcidentifieruri: : dcdescriptionabstract: of late, the. Tailoring the magnetic anisotropy of thin films utilizing large persistent stress and the objective of this thesis work was to tailor the magnetic.

magnetic anisotropy thesis magnetic anisotropy thesis

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